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June 5, 2013

Host: Steve Matheson

Guest Host(s): Mike Fabarez

  1. What's your thoughts or theology on how the Sabbath works out for a Christian today?
  2. In the Daniel 5 writing on the wall passage, why is "upharsin" changed to "perez" in the New King James version?
  3. If our ancestors are Adam and Eve and then Noah's family, why do we have different skin tones?
  4. Why did God not forgive adultery in the Old Testament but He does in the New Testament?
  5. Does Isaiah 26:19-21 refer to the rapture?
  6. If Jesus was telling His disciples that the Holy Spirit was going to come, why did it leave and when did it leave?
  7. If it's God's will for me overcoe the works of the flesh, why do I still have jealousy, anger, etc.?
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