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In a very real sense, we as Americans owe much of our rich spiritual heritage to the Geneva Bible - the Scriptures carried by Plymouth Pilgrims and great reformers. Nearly forgotten today, this version of the Holy Scriptures - first translated into English in 1560 - created the conditions for a Christian reformation of life and culture the likes of which the world had never seen.
In 1553, Mary Tudor ascended the throne of England and set about to stamp out the Reformation, ordering the burning of all copies of the Bible in the English tongue and causing more than three hundred reformers to be burned at the stake. Bloody Mary's vicious crusade drove scores of English reformers to Geneva, including some of the finest biblical scholars in history. Together, these men produced a new English Bible based on the original languages and not beholden to any king or prelate - the Geneva Bible

The Geneva Bible is the Bible of "firsts": It was the first Bible to qualify as a study Bible, providing readers with copious notes, cross-references, and commentary about the original manuscripts. It was the first Bible to be printed in a portable and affordable edition. And it was the first Bible to assign chapter and verse numbers, facilitating the location of passages, memorization, and recitation - and the nurture of a nation of Bible readers.

The Geneva Bible inspired those who championed self-government and civic virtue. Its mighty influence was manifest in the lives of Knox, Cromwell, and Shakespeare. And it was the 1599 Geneva Bible that the Pilgrims read as they arrived in the New World in 1620, deriving principles from its pages that helped lay the foundation-stones of liberty in the western hemisphere.

We're pleased to announce the re-release of the Geneva Bible in a superior quality genuine leather binding edition that features word-for-word accuracy with the 1599 Geneva Bible; original cross references; original study notes by Reformers; bonded leather; modern spelling; and easy-to-read print. Now you can own this lost treasure of Christendom.

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