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CSN Playlogs These playlogs list only the music that airs during a given date. For our regularly scheduled Bible-teaching programs, go to our program schedule page.

Playlogs are PDF format, listed in Mountain Time.

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Stressed Out
Stressed Out: A Practial, Biblical Approach to Anxiety
Todd Friel
Find out how your ANXIETY IS A BLESSING that God will use to grow you and change you in unimaginable ways!

You are definitely not the only person on the planet to wrestle with anxious feelings. Billions upon billions of people battle garden-variety stress and anxiety every day. Everyone, to varying degrees, worries.

Jesus Christ is a sympathetic high priest who understands us, and He knows we are prone to worry. He is so thoughtful and kind that His last sermon to the disciples (and us) was dedicated to the subject of anxiety.

Prepare to discover 12 anxiety relievers from Jesus Christ that will get to the root of your anxiety problem and give you the tools you need to replace your anxious thoughts with profound, settled, hopeful joy. Stressed Out: A Practical, Biblical Approach to Anxiety isn't like most Christian self-help books that promise to fix your "stinkin' thinkin'."
  • You will not be regaled with stories of fellow nail-biters who struggle with anxiety.
  • You will not be told to imagine puppy dogs and rainbows when you start feeling nervous.
  • You will not be encouraged to simply exchange negative thoughts for positive thoughts.
God's Word will not only fix your anxiety, it will literally change you into the person that God created you to be.

205 Pages
Published by New Leaf Publishing Group
Suggested donation
(includes shipping)


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