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Let Me Out
Let Me Out
Alexander Byron
Reading this book immediately lets you know that it was inspired by God. The topics that Alexander addresses are issues that most writers will avoid; they're subjects most people don't want to deal with in their lives.
Alexander addresses them head on without compromising. Let me give you a perfect example. Most people do not want to deal with the topic of forgiveness. Forgiveness in most people's minds lets the other person off the hook. In reality it is setting you free. In this book Alexander teaches us that UNFORGIVENESS will imprison your mind, and cause you to have years of hatred, bitterness, and malice in your heart. When UNFORGIVENESS goes undetected and un-recognized it can bring back hurt and betrayal that can destroy your future. Recently I have been dealing with the subject of UNFORGIVENESS. As Alexander gives his views and facts about it, I must agree that it can block access to the Kingdom and its marvelous power.

Throughout the book Alexander outlines samples chapter by chapter that make you dig deep into the core of your soul. You cannot walk away from this book without examining yourself or the circumstances in your life. Anyone that reads this book will glean from the in-depth study of God's Word that challenges us to take a realistic look at ourselves. When you examine yourself and are honest with yourself after reading this book you want to make sure there is nothing that is imprisoning your mind. Lust, anger, substance abuse, pornography, etc., are vices that are on the up rise in our society, and must be dealt with. Alexander's book is the perfect tool to help individuals break free from the immorality causing the depravity we see in the world today. LET ME OUT is an amazing book to minister and equip you to face your future with the hope of better days to come.

104 Pages
Published by Tate Publishing
Suggested donation
(includes shipping)


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