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White, GA Off The Air
April 18, 2014
Our station in White, Georgia is off the air due to interference from another station.

New Program On CSN
April 15, 2014
Ask The Theologian, with Dr. Randy White, is now airing on CSN, Saturdays at 4:00PM (PT) / 7:00PM (ET).

Charleston, SC Back On The Air
April 10, 2014
Our station in Charleston, South Carolina is back on the air, broadcasting at 90.3 FM.

New Station in Woodstock, GA
April 10, 2014
CSN is now broadcasting in Woodstock, Georgia at 88.1 FM.

Bullhead City, AZ Off The Air
April 10, 2014
Our station in Bullhead City, Arizona (89.9 FM) is off the air, but should return within two weeks.

Greenville, FL Off The Air
April 9, 2014
Our station in Greenville, Florida is now broadcasting our sister station, The Effect, Modern Christian Rock. CSN listeners can tune in to our CSN station broadcasting out of St. Marks, FL at 91.1 FM.

Landers, CA Frequency Change
March 24, 2014
Our station in Landers, California is now broadcasting out of Joshua Tree at 89.9 FM.

Pine Grove, CA Frequency Change
March 23, 2014
Our station in Pine Grove, California is now broadcasting at 89.9 FM.

Kihei, HI Frequency Change
February 19, 2014
Our station in Kihei, Hawaii is now broadcasting at 91.3 FM.

Marysville, CA Frequency Change
February 12, 2014
Our station in Marysville, CA is now broadcasting at 91.7 FM.

Borrego Springs, CA Frequency Change
February 12, 2014
Our station in Borrego Springs, CA is now broadcasting at 91.9 FM.

To report a station outage, please call 877.343.8556
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