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CSN is listener supported. If you would like to partner with CSN, by helping us cover our cost of operation to broadcast God's Word nationally and accross the world, and to reach the unsaved with the Gospel, please consider making a donation. All donations are tax-deductible.

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Make a one-time donation for any amount:


Or, subscribe to a monthly recurring donation:
Use these drop-down links to choose the monthly amount you would like to donate, and click the 'subscribe' button. The donation subscription will start the same day that you activate it, and will continue to run automatically on the same day of the month that the subscription was started.



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You can cancel your subscription at anytime, using the unsubscribe button. If you would like to setup a recurring donation for a different amount than what is provided here, or if you want to have the recurring donation start on a specific date, please call us to set up your donation.

CSN Tower Keepers

A Tower Keeper is any CSN supporter who wants their donation to go directly toward their local CSN station.

Becoming a Tower Keeper is easy:
  1. For a one-time donation, click our "Donate Now" button below, or to sign up for a recurring monthly donation, click on one of the "Subscribe" buttons below, all of which will take you to our secure PayPal donation page.
  2. Once you enter your donation amount, name, and credit card information, click on "Review Donation and Continue."
  3. Once you're on the donation review page (and before you submit your donation), click on "Your Comments" and enter your city, state and the radio frequency of your local CSN station. This will let us know that you want your donation to be applied directly towards the costs of operating your local station.

Donate by Phone

You may call us to make a one-time donation, or to set up a recurring monthly donation for any amount. Please call us at 800-357-4226

Donate by Mail

Send a check or money order to:
CSN International
PO Box 391
Twin Falls, ID 83303

CSN Resources

You can also support CSN by making a donation for our available books, videos, and other resources, on the CSN Resource Page.

Thank you for your support!