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CSN International
PO Box 391
Twin Falls, ID 83303

800.357.4226 Toll Free
208.736.1958 Fax

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Station Outage Report

If your station is off the air, call 1.877.343.8556
CSN Staff

Mike Kestler, President
Don Mills, Network Programming Director / Music Director

Engineering Staff
Kelly Carlson, Director of Engineering
Ray Gorney, Assistant Director of Engineering
Jerry Johnson, Engineer / Outage Coordinator
Dustin Pamplona, Engineer
O.J. Edwards, Engineer
Jeremy Estabrooks, Engineer
Mickel Pruden, Engineer

Support Staff
Austin Morris, Accounting
Lois Mills, FCC Applications / Translator Site Manager
Mike Stocklin, National Underwriting
Sherri Wallace, Local Origination
Daniel Davidson, Operations Director
Nolan Mather, Graphics / Website Maintenance

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